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The plans for Sekhet Hetspet were revealed throughout the last few days following the announcement for The Temple of the Archinox. The increased awareness among the collective is what led to this unveiling- so thank you for your supporting energies. This is the Temple of the Seven Lords of the Cycles. The energy being focused in this part of the temple is the Ruach- the divine lightning of thought-form manifestation.

Many tenets have been taught and expounded upon towards the Law of Manifestation, but much of that information is tainted by ignorance or lacking in its precision. This has led to frustration and disappointment among many seekers, due to the Law of Undeviating Justice in all circumstances. The results obtained are not the results desired. And this is due to our own ignorance of immovable Cosmic Law. But what we often overlook is that LAW is meant to free us and not to bind us. So instead of dwelling upon the axiom “Our thoughts create our reality,” let’s discuss how our thoughts create our reality.

One of the most important realizations you will ever have is when you know (not understand, but know) that every circumstance that is occurring, has occurred or ever will occur in your life is a direct manifestation of your thoughts and words. Absolutely 100%. This is Cosmic Law and it will never change. While at first this LAW is at times conceived with dread, it is actually the primary force in our own liberation. You have the ability to create anything, if and when, you learn to control every thought that enters your mind and every word that exits your mouth (Truly, there is only one thought, therefore any deviations from that infinite ONE is false). But as many as you know, there is a lot more to this than is usually discussed.


Let’s take a look at the Tree of Life (pictured above). In order to really understand the way our thoughts become our reality, this diagram will be of utmost importance. For those of you familiar with the Tree of Life, you will recall that the Ruach consists of numbers 4-9: 4. Chesed, 5. Geburah, 6. Tipareth, 7. Netzach, 8. Hod and 9. Yesod. Not only are these numbers associated with various meanings, sayings, symbols and energies, but they are also associated with various psychological states. Each of these numbers is associated with an individual state of consciousness which triggers a specific positive or negative response according to the way a certain thought or energy is being directed.

Let’s begin with Chesed, which is associated with the planet Jupiter. The sphere of Chesed is linked with the mental realm of memory. This specific “coloring” of thought is directly linked with our manifestations of wealth and poverty. Now there is a specific key to this thought realm that will trigger wealth or poverty (which we will get to in just a moment). In fact, your entire experience of wealth or poverty in your life is a direct result of how your thoughts take form in this sphere.

Geburah, #5, is associated with Mars energy and the psychological state of personal will and self-conscious action. This action will bring either the quality of beauty or ugliness to what it is you are manifesting. Now the key to our self-conscious actions acquiring the quality of beauty, is that our actions must be directed towards creating beauty through love. This direction of our actions (a result of our thoughts) will then activate the Venus energy of Netzach (as our energy passes through our heart in Tipareth) and through Mars’ secret marriage to Venus, all of our actions will be colored by the quality of beauty. If self-conscious action is directed towards any creation outside of creating beauty, the manifestation of these thoughts and actions will bring only ugliness into your life and the world. Seems self-explanatory. But if you really consider all of your actions beneath this light, worlds will open up to you.

Tipareth, #6, is associated with the Sun and the psychological state of imagination. The dual qualities associated with Tipareth are fertility and sterility. The key to activating fertility is our active participation in the world. If our imagination is actively engaged in the world we live in, our thoughts become fertile and the results of our imagination become fertile as well. However, when we do not actively participate and lock ourselves within our rooms, our homes or our mental fortresses, our imagination will bring only sterility to our actions and manifestations.

Netzach, #7, is associated with Venus and the psychological state of desire. Our thoughts within this realm will manifest either wisdom or folly. The secret key of these qualities is right adjustment to life. Through many spiritual wisdom paths, we are warned against desire. This is due to the detrimental and malefic qualities that desire can bring when one is living out of equilibrium with one’s environment. Paul Foster Case illustrates this masterfully in raising the example of the ill adjusted artist. The artist, through his/her self-conscious action aims to create beauty. This activates the beautiful aspects of the Mars energy. The artist wishes to share his/her work with the world and in so doing, activates the fertility of the Sun. Their work will be beautiful and fertile, but suppose that they are irresponsible with their consumption, wasteful with their money, addicted to drugs and alcohol, etc., Due to these circumstances, the end result of their work, although beautiful and attracting many people, will only bring folly to themselves and the world.

Hod, #8, is associated with Mercury and the psychological state of reason. The qualities reason brings are either life or death. As you can see, the stakes are a little higher here. The key to activating life energy as opposed to death comes in one’s identification with their personality. No matter what you’ve been told, your personality is not your true SELF. The SELF is eternal, unchangeable, and beyond concept and word… your personality is not. In order to activate the life-giving powers of Mercury, it is absolutely necessary that you cease your identification with your body, your thoughts, your individuality or your mind. To identify at all will bring only death through all of your manifestations. One of the most direct wisdom paths in confronting this identity comes from Advaita Vedanta in the form of SELF-inquiry. If you haven’t before, I’d recommend you listen to Mooji’s The Invitation ( I’ve never found any other method to be so direct and clear. REMEMBER, for I feel I must repeat myself- the quality associated with these thought forms is life and death. This is unchanging, Universal Cosmic LAW. Do with it what you will.

Yesod, #9, is associated with the Moon and the subconscious. This is one of the most important phases in all manifestation, for it is not the self-conscious that creates but the subconscious that manifests our physical realities. The qualities associated with the subconscious are peace and strife. The key to their manifestations is right knowledge. Contrary to popular belief, it is not our conscious state that truly creates our reality. It is the subconscious that does this work. But the subconscious carries an interesting quality- it takes shape and form (any form) according to suggestions from our self-conscious state. This is why it is so important to master our words. Words are the concentration and crystallization of our thoughts. Whatever we say, our subconscious believes. This is why mantras are held to be of such great importance. Of course, our words hold more power when we believe them. But if you truly want to understand the circumstances in which you find yourself, you need go no further than close inspection to the words you use throughout the day. I guarantee that your words match your true state and knowledge exactly. Through right knowledge of our reality, the quality of peace is activated in our manifestations. Without it, we manifest strife.

Our thoughts are electricity. The brain consists entirely of electrical pathways. This electricity, referred to as the FOHAT by Madame Blavatsky, the Astral Light by Eliphas Levi, and the Spirit by spiritualists around the world, is, in fact, emanations of the divine light descending from the ALL and, therefore, a manifestation of the one thought. Paul Foster Case recommends visualizing this electricity in the form of lightening. When one opens themselves to receive, the Limitless Light of the All descends immediately into you. By LAW, this light will continue out from you to the next lowest vibration until it eventually grounds itself (Just as electricity finds its way to the the grounding of the Earth. It is literally the same thing). This is how Masters transmit the Light of the ALL to the world. They are open channels to receive this light, which passes from them, through their word, to those who hear, who then pass this light onwards and downward towards the lowest form of creation.

Each of our thoughts are manifestations of this same Light. When the Light enters our consciousness, it passes through our thought-forms, from our memories to our personal will, through our imagination, and on to our desires. It then moves into our reason and is then instilled upon our subconscious. From there, it passes from our subconscious into our physical lives. If you refer to the Tree of Life above, near the bottom of the image is the Veil of Paroketh. This veil is the very veil talked about in all world religions and wisdom paths. It is the veil of separation that we feel when we identify our consciousness within the confines of our bodies. The descending path of manifestation from #9 Yesod or the Moon is representing in the Tarot by ATU XXI The Universe (or The World). This card is associated to Saturn. To many, Saturn is the binding force of time often personified in the image of the God Saturn devouring his children.


Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco de Goya

For those of us who have not mastered our thoughts and words, this Saturnine energy can appear to be terrifying. But in reality, this same energy is the key component in our physical manifestations. Without it, manifestation wouldn’t be possible. The true key to becoming a master rests in the understanding of its LAW and mastering its influence.


The key and formula to this mastery is revealed in the Tree of Life. In the Kaballah, each of the fire signs are connected through Gemutria in the number 216. 216 is twice 108. 108 is 9 x 12. The number twelve is in reference to the cycles of the Zodiac and therefore time. The number nine is associated in the Hebrew language with the letter Teth. Teth is the card for Leo and is often named Strength in the Tarot. Teth means snake and is referencing the latent Kundalini energy within each of our bodies. As pictured in the Tarot, we see a woman holding open the mouth of a Lion. If we refer back to the Tree of Life, we will find that it is the path of Teth that connects the spheres of Chesed/Jupiter and Geburah/Mars. Jupiter is the anti-thesis or opposite pole of Saturn energy and if you remember from before, it is Jupiter that brings fortune and wealth. The Strength card/Kundalini is therefore the secret key in activating Jupiterian influence and the force from which this is done is the energy of Mars. Mars, through the 2, reflects the Saturnine energy and directs it. This secret is confirmed by reduction. 216 and 108 both reduce to 9.

There are volumes of information out there in regards to Kundalini rising. Most of these systems are flawed in their approach. Many of these Kundalini practitioners believe the Kundalini energy can be forced to rise through conscious intention, series of “shocks,” or through the development of chakras, etc. All of this is completely unnecessary and, in fact, quite painful and even dangerous. The Kundalini energy is not something to be controlled by force. In fact, these sorts of methods are completely counter-intuitive. All of this work of strain and control are immediately overcome once one learns to truly receive.

We all receive an exhaustless supply of Light from the universe. All that is required is that we become an empty vessel to receive this Light (this is known by shamans as the Hollow Bone and Taoists as the Empty Boat). When we receive this Light directly into our field, the light descends through our bodies, down the central channel, until it reaches our perineum. Here the original eight cells from our conception lie. This is the coiled serpent. When the light is received into the perineum, the Kundalini will rise of itself through the vertical pathway until it reaches the point referred to as the Mouth of the Goddess at the back of our neck (at the Medula). There may still be some pain associated, but not nearly as horrible as in those methods in which we force the mouth of the serpent.

At this point, we are ready to direct the Mars force. It is important to note that all we are doing is directing vibration. Vibration can be affected in two ways. Coagula et Solve. Solve is the act of speeding up vibration and therefore destroying forms. Coagula is the act of slowing down vibration and therefore creating forms. Mars force is Solve, also known as alchemical Sulphur. The vehicle for this force is love.


The above image shows the Fire Manifestation Ritual. This ritual directs the Saturnine manifestation power through the use of Mars force. And here behooves a word of caution: this ritual will manifest exactly what is in your field of thought-forms. If you feel wary about that in any way, do not perform the ritual. Remember, divine law operates with undeviating justice. You will get exactly what you put out.

Find a peaceful space and construct a magick circle according to your knowledge and intuition. Once that circle is formed, close the circle with yourself inside and sit in meditation. Do not exit the circle during the ritual for any reason. As you sit in meditation, open yourself to receive the Limitless Light and allow it to flood and fill you completely. Allow your Kundalini to rise of itself until it locks in at the Mouth of the Goddess at the back of your neck.

Now, with the intention to create beauty in active participation in the world, direct the fire energy of your creation, in love, through your heart and allow its red to marry itself with the green of Venus. Here your creation will take on the quality of wisdom or of folly, depending on your adjustment to life in the world. Now, direct this energy back up to the black of Saturn and then back down to the orange of Mercury along the path of the Unicursal Hexagram. At this point, it is of considerable importance that you are not identified with your personality. This is again hinted at by the 23rd path of the Tree of Life connecting Hod to Geburah, symbolized by The Hanged Man. When the Emperor is turned upside-down, having abandoned all to God, the secret door of the Empress opens and one enters the sea of consciousness. If one resists, the ego is crucified upon the Tau (relating to Saturn and the World). Here your creation will take upon itself life or death.

Now we will direct this energy/thought-form towards the violet of Jupiter. If at this point, we have utilized our self-conscious actions towards the creation of beauty, through active participation in the world, as rightly adjusted inhabitants of our environment, having abandoned the false notions of our identification with our personality in realization of the SELF, the Wheel of Fortune (connecting Venus to Jupiter upon the 21st path) spins towards fortune and our creation will bring us wealth* and prosperity in the World.

We complete this ritual by directing this energy to the subconscious or the Moon. The location of the Moon is indicated by the association of the Tarot card ATU XVIII with Qoph, meaning the back of the head. Direct this energy to the Mouth of the Goddess and release it here. This is where the phase of alchemical salt or coagula takes place. It is time for our manifestation to cool. If we’ve followed the directions above, our self-conscious action will have instilled upon our subconscious a pure symbol of manifestation. This is right knowledge and it will bring us peace. Release this manifestation and allow it to leave your mind. Do not speak of it again. This will only reheat it and push it further from manifestation (It is actually best to go to bed immediately after the ritual is closed. This is advantageous, for it puts your conscious mind to rest before it can tamper with the results). End the ritual in a manner you see fit, close your ceremony and leave your circle. Allow the space to sit for a time before re-entering the room.

Now, having read this in its entirety, return to the image at the top of the post. For those who understand, the Sekhet Hetspet section of the temple will make immediate sense as to its purpose and destiny. Once again, I’d like to encourage you to review the information on The Temple of the Archinox. If you feel it is something you’d like to get involved with, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. As I’ve stated before, this Temple must be built by the world. There’s a list of current needs here. However, there will always be something you can do and a way you can contribute. This project will continue to evolve over time. Thank you for your support and I wish you blessings of love, happiness and success upon your spiritual path.

*A word on wealth and prosperity. Wealth is not measured by the amount of money in your bank account. Obviously, anyone who is rich is not necessarily a master of their energies. I once met a billionaire who had the largest yacht in the entire world. He was very proud of this title. It was of extreme importance to him. Every year, several other billionaires would try and compete with him by building bigger yachts. This man felt compelled to stay on top, and had new yachts constantly under construction- larger and larger each time. This drove him to borrow more and more money just to stay on top. He became completely obsessed with his title. It took over his entire life. This man, though a billionaire, lived in absolute poverty.


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