How the Temple Works

The Temple of the Archinox is a consciousness accelerator. By utilizing the law of frequency, the Temple resonates with each visitor and meets them exactly where they are upon their spiritual path. This is possible because the entire complex operates in direct alignment with Universal Law, with recognition of the higher governing laws in relation to lower laws.

It is important to realize that every individual or “system” (and in this we really must include the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms) is at a different stage in its development. Each stage of development is governed by specific laws, perfect in their expression, that facilitate the growth and development of the individual.

Within our specific octave of expression, there are seven governing forces which dictate the outer manifestation of all lower forces: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and the play of receptivity/activity. We can find the full expression of each of these forces in every known and “unknown” phenomena within our realm. Keep in mind, that each of these seven forces are all aspects of one single and unified force or “idea,” just as visible colors are emitted from “white” light once it passes through a prism (I’d recommend reading The Kybalion by the Three Initiates for a deeper understanding of these laws).


But what are the lower laws? It was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, that “all truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it,” and that truth is “meted out” to every man according to his need (The Doctrine & Covenants 84 & 93). A perfect example of higher and lower laws can be examined with the Law of Moses and the Children of Israel. After speaking with the Divine, Moses descended down Mt. Sinai with two tablets, upon which ten laws were inscribed by the “finger”  of the Lord.

Now the symbolism of the two tablets is significant. They represent the exoteric (or outer) and the esoteric (inner) laws contained within. The exoteric laws are the Ten Commandments we are all familiar with. This is the lower law. The esoteric laws are revealed through the symbolism of the numbers (1-10) and the numerical associations of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, given to Israel from the Divine (In fact, the Lord gave these commandments to Moses in Exodus 31:18. In the Qabalah, 31 represents the ALL. By reduction, it equals 4- the number of law (which means that God gave Moses the Law in 4:18 (418 being the WORD), ref. The Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit). Thus this scriptural reference alone represents the ALL reduced to law through the WORD). And the Lord saw that Israel would accept the Law. But which Law did they accept? The one they had ears to hear and eyes to see.

There is a wall of division that exists between the exoteric religious traditions and the mystical esoteric teachings. This division marks the difference between what Nietzsche terms as the “slave-religions” and the “God-men.” Those who resonate with and accept the exoteric law, are at a stage of their development where their devotion must be tested according to obedience. This is the absolute and most important thing for them to do at this phase of their development. This stage of spiritual development is represented in the Temple of the Archinox by the six outer regions (See Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1

Let’s think of this in terms of frequency and vibration. When someone comes to visit the Temple, either as a tourist, worshipper, or devotee, they are outwardly displaying their inner state in the following ways:

  1. They are outwardly acknowledging the importance of their spiritual development by taking the time and expending the effort and resources to visit a Temple as opposed to a resort, tourist attraction, etc. For those individuals that do not visit, they are openly showing that it is not something of value to them (which is absolutely perfect for their stage of development as well).
  2. Due to the design of the Temple, which includes representations of all the world’s spiritual paths, the locations in the Temple to which a visitor chooses to visit and spend their time will reveal the frequencies that they vibrate and resonate with.
  3. Because each section of the Temple will contain Monasteries in which any individual can stay, one’s true will and devotion will be revealed through their choice to either leave and return to work, home, etc. or to remain upon the sacred grounds.

At the center of each of these six sections, dividing the outer grounds from the Pyramid, will be the rotating Emerald Wall of Time. This giant astrological clock (symbolic of the limitations of physical existence/Saturnine energy) is the barrier between the exoteric and esoteric worlds. The Wall of Time will hold 12 gates kept by 2 Elders of the Temple each (these are the 24 Elders prophesied of in The Book of Revelation 4:4). Now in order to pass through the 12 gates, one must first obtain the key. There are two keys in each of the six sections of the outer Temple, awarded upon the completion of certain tasks. Once one has obtained a key, at a certain time of day, when the gates are in the correct alignment, the key may be used to open one of the gates. However, each gate will hold three locks. The key will open only one of them. The other two must be opened by the Elders at the Threshold at their discretion after questioning the probationer. This is the physical initiation into the mysteries. This initiation represents a new stage or octave of development within the individual- the passage from “slave” morality into sovereign morality.

What does this mean exactly? During this development stage of the exoteric law, the full karmic repercussions of an individual’s actions, thoughts, and words are abated. A perfect example of this is the belief in being “saved” through the Atonement of Christ. However, when one chooses to cross the threshold between the two states, one accepts immediately the full consequences of one’s own karmic imprint. This brings the initiate directly into the ordeals of their initiation, represented in the Temple of the Archinox by the Trials of the Seven Djinn. To discuss these trials openly would be akin to giving you the answer key to a test before you take it. You may memorize the answers and pass the test, but you will not retain this information, nor build a strong enough foundation to build upon as you move forward (i.e. if you can’t do basic arithmetic, you’re going to fail multi-variable calculus miserably).

There’s no getting around it…this transition is one of the most difficult stages one will have encountered in all of their experience to this point. Here, the mantra of the Trestleboard must be thoroughly absorbed: I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life (Pattern on the Trestleboard). When you fail the Trials (and it’s really a matter of “when” and not “if”… unless of course you are a true embodiment of the Divine SELF, and having shed your Egoic personality completely, you will literally float your way into the Holy of Holies), you will be led back out into the opposite section of the outer Temple, from whence you came. If you entered through The Silence of the Buddha, you will find yourself in the Pythagorean School. The anti-intellectual course from which you came must be completely turned on its head. All the doors you previously entered will now be locked. And the only way back in is through another path. In fact, to truly pass into the highest phases of development, every one of the paths must be mastered in its entirety. Each of these paths will teach you the various forms and degrees of the Divine Expression.

The more inner sanctums of the Temple are similar in manner, differing in degree, from what we just discussed. As Above, So Below.

So how does the Temple of the Archinox accelerate consciousness? The Temple accelerates consciousness by presenting the visitors, seekers, and devotees the immediate opportunity to advance along their spiritual path within the grounds. They will be surrounded by those both ahead of them and behind them upon their journey, thus the opportunity to teach and to learn is ever present (just as in regular life). However, the Temple’s effects will be amplified through the concentration of the collective’s spiritual energy upon a single point.

If you are reading this right now, you are called to the Work. This life is a spiritual journey, and nothing else. The Magick and the Mundane are always present. It is your choice what you will see. It is our devotion to this sacred opportunity that reveals the miracles in every moment. You choose in every moment your masters and your gods.

This is your invitation to join us in uniting the sacred to this Earth.


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