The Exhaustless Riches


4. From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

-The Pattern on the Trestleboard, Rosicrucian Order

We are ALL infinite beings living within the illusion of a material existence. Your true will is not subject to this illusion. But you’ve allowed a belief in money, material possessions, status and position to become your dictating factors in life. By living with this belief system,  you restrict the true expression of your soul. There’s good reason for you to believe this. Look around yourself. No matter what country, city or town you live in, there exists a constant stream of brainwashing stimuli telling you what to do, who to be, and most dangerously… what to think.

This is Black Magick of the most potent and dire nature. Think about it. Why is it that “they” don’t want you to know who you are? Why is it that “they” need you so badly to conform? To fit in? To lull yourself to sleep in endless hours of Netflix, Television, Movies, Facebook, Computer Games, and mind-numbing and menial jobs? Because if you discovered even a glimpse of the truth… “they” would lose all power over you. They would be faced with the same choice you are faced with right now: to get up and stand up for who you really are.

Who is this “they” anyway?

Why that’s easy. It’s you. It’s your shadow self. You’re the devil. You’re the “they.” You are Legion.  And until you liberate yourself from this illusion which “veils” the true SELF, you will continue to be “their” slave.

In every dollar that you spend, you energetically support and reinforce the particular entity you pay. If you “philosophically” hate Walmart but can’t say no to their low prices, you’re still a patron of Walmart. If you say Starbucks is ruining the world, but visit the establishment every day… you get the idea.

The Temple of the Archinox is the bridge to a different future. It is a symbol ushering in a different reality… a New Earth for the Divine in Human form. Look around yourself right now and take in your environment. Really see it for its reality. Don’t flinch at any of its details… as ugly as they may be.

Now transmute it. Imagine looking out in front of you to see Golden Temples in place of every fast food chain. Smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers encompass you; hear laughter, song and dance at every corner; visualize every human being around you acknowledging the God in you from the deepest part of the God in them. That’s what we’re building. This is your new home. This is your true retirement- a sanctuary in the heavenly abode. We can do this. We can build this future. But you must shift your thoughts, words and actions now. This must be your vision.

I AM asking you to support the Temple now.

This Temple is not being built for the elite few, the rich, or those of privilege- it’s being built for you. It’s being built that you may walk its sacred grounds in this life. That you may call it your home. That you may devote your life to the true expression of your soul and bask in the joy of absolute freedom. And this dream becomes your reality as soon as you choose in.

Please take a moment to take this in. Feel into what this freedom is worth to you. Imagine yourself as a part of this project. If you’re an artist, imagine your work gracing the Temple walls for ages to come. If you’re an architect, imagine your work standing upon holy ground. If you’re a devotee to God, imagine the peace your soul will feel spending each and every day in total devotion.

The time has come to take the leap. Trust only the still, small voice within your heart. Choose your spirit. Choose the life of your dreams. Choose your true expression. Choose your freedom. Now.

Support the Temple




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