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For direct inquiries about the Temple of the Archinox, contact by phone or email.

What is needed:

Currently, this project is in Phase I: Research and Design. Full description available here: Research and Design Grant Proposal

These are the current needs:

-Research and Design Grant- $1.86 Million. This will employ concept artists, accountants, 3d modelers, Website and SEO specialist, Lawyers, and project leaders, and set up a base of operations which will ready the Temple for construction. This grant will also cover:

-Airline tickets to Egypt, Travel funds, and accommodations in Cairo and Luxor for detailed research.

-Airline tickets and accommodations in Marakesh and/or Fes, Morocco following the Egypt expedition.

-Two Nikon Z7 camera bodies, with Nikkor Z 35 & 50mm, 1.8 primes; Nikkor AF 10-20mm, and Nikkor AF Micro-200mm lenses.

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-Land Grant- $100 Million for the purchase of 700+ acres of land in Kauai or a better suited location.

-Architect Budget- $400 Million or 8-15% of Total construction budget

-Construction Budget for the Temple of the Archinox- $3.371 Billion

-Volunteers: If your time, talents and/or abilities can assist the work, we welcome you to the cause. Please contact us directly for more information on how you can help.


Contact here for more details:


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