Gemutria & Name Analysis

Gemutria and Name Analysis is now available. This analysis is based upon your name, for your name is the magickal formula you use in connection with the incantation: I AM. The only information I need is your full name that you use and go by and your birthdate and birthplace. This is also available for business names as well. This will show you the energies that you are communicating and putting into the vibrations of the world through its use. You will receive a printed copy of your chart and analysis, along with an email version.


Chart Example:


Analysis Example:

Samira Morrar

Gemutria Analysis: 144

-Reduction: 8

-Extension: 10,440

-Articulation: 1, 44; 14, 4; 1, 4

    • 12 squared, 3 x 48, 4 x 36, 2 x 72, 6 x 24, 8 x 18, 9 x 16, 100 + 4(11), 100 + 2(22), 2 to the fourth power (9)

The most important aspect of 144 is that is embodies 12 cycles of 12. 12 is the number of the Zodiac and therefore time. The aspect of 12 squared refers to the “wheels within wheels” of cosmic manifestation, referring back to the Bembine Tablet (the true origin of the Tarot) and its representation of the double zodiac. Much of your life purpose has to do with mastery of the Saturnine energy of time. In Ancient mythology, Saturn is the devourer of his children, and at first glance seems to be a malefic force inhibiting man within the confines of the materialistic world. As you open yourself in meditation to the demands of Saturn, you will realize that these limitations manifest in line with divine will as the focusing energy that brings your imagination and visions directly into physical manifestation in your world.

144 divided by two, you get 72. 72 is the exact number of the degrees in one precession of the Equinoxes and therefore one Aeon. The number two, having the quality of reflection, shows the reflection of one Aeon into another taking place within your being. 144 is also 2 to the fourth power times 9. 9 is the number of the threshold and also of completion. In addition it represents the sure Foundation of Eternal Being. This foundation is being reflected over and again within your “personal” energy grid. 3’s and 6’s are also very important to the meaning of 144. 3’s are representation of the godhead in its different aspects as the divine manifestation of Limitless light turns its face towards manifestation in inherent phenomena aka the physical world. The 6’s reflect the beauty in this expression and as 6 squared times 4 also equals 144, it shows that this beauty is stable and established in its power within you.

In addition, 144 is also 100 + 2(22). 100 always references the ten emanations of the ten sephiroth- therefore the full completion of all paths upon the Tree of Life. The added 22 of the major Arcana further supports this, however this 22 is reflected back in the 2. This could mean you are on the second cycle of your development and your life purpose in this incarnation is to complete fully your transition into fourth dimensional consciousness. The 100 is also added to 4(11). The 4 is the stability and Jupiterian fortune multiplied through the Magick of the 11 (11 is 6+5- the hexagram of the macrocosm added to the pentagram of the microcosm: man). This shows that Magick is what will bring luck and fortune along your journey into completion and your devotion to this path will only lead to prosperity.

The biblical reference to the 144,000 saints in the Book of Revelation should be noted as well. This is, in fact, the divine number that you carry within your name. Your role as one of these individuals should be a subject of deep contemplation and meditation for you. You are on this Earth for a very specific purpose and you should pursue this with the fullness of your heart.

Keep in mind that all numbers are symbols. 144 doesn’t refer to one of these aspects but all of these aspects. The more you learn of these numbers and do your own research, the more your own path will open to you.

Magickal Formula Analysis:

Your Magickal Formula is ATU XIV Temperance, 0 The Fool, XII The Hanged Man, IX The Hermit, XIX The Sun, 0 The Fool combined with ATU XII The Hanged Man, V The Hierophant, XIX The Sun, 0 The Fool, XIX The Sun.

The journey begins with the Alchemical processes of adjustment and experimentation with the forces to create within your physical world. The life-force as represented by the Hebrew letter Aleph, which coordinates to the Fool, holds the full power of the divine. It is interesting in your arrangement of the The Fool, the Hanged Man and the Hermit. If you look below at Aleph (pictured in Figure 1.1), you will notice a diagonal line descending from right to left, separated two Hebrew yods (Figure 1.2). The yods represent the Hermit (the ultimate realization of the Fool). One is upright and the other is turned upside-down. The yod is the fiery force that begins the sacred Tetragrammaton יהוה the secret name of God. This yod represents fire or wands within the Tarot. The Hanged Man shows the reversal of our natural egoic inclinations to identify with our body and personality and release this to full immersion of ourselves within the Divine Self. The Hermit actually represents this realization. The Hermit lifts his lamp from the highest mountain peak to guide the Fool to his height. But just as in the Hanged Man hieroglyph and the yods in Aleph, you must turn yourself upside-down, abandoning your relation to the personality to achieve this union. At this point, this fiery energy is converted into the Solar Force of ATU XIX The Sun, as you are reborn as a Sun to your own Solar System, thus the full representation of the Life-force of the Fool. This is what is being communicated through your first name.


Figure 1.1 Aleph


Figure 1.2 Yod

The second part of your formula begins with the Hanged Man. Your consciousness, now identified with the infinite as opposed to the personality, now floats within the sea of the higher spiritual planes and Astral realms. The Hierophant receives these influences directly and directs them back into the Earth. The Hierophant is seated upon the Bull of Taurus and is firmly rooted, as the Emperor before him, although receives his impulses from above. Thus on the Earth, the Hierophant shines as the light of the Sun beaming down upon the Fool, and returning again to the Sun. The Fool is the Sun. The Sun is the Fool. There is no difference between these things as everything is now conceived as the one idea. This is the energy and secret formula communicated when you use your name connected with the statement: I AM.

Soul-Path Analysis:

Your Soul-Path is connected directly to the 11th, 12th, 14th, and 16th paths of the Temple of 32. These paths coordinate to the Fool, The Magician, The Empress and the Hierophant. The Fool represents the Superconscious activity, the Magician the self-conscious and the Empress the subconscious multiplication of images. In essence, once these paths have been mastered, the alchemical Mercury, Sulphur and Salt will come into balance and be transmitted through you as a Hierophant into the Earth. The most important thing for you is to learn to listen closely to the subtle promptings and to trust them above all else. Once those promptings are received, set forward in directed action towards their completion while remembering that it is through the sub-conscious that manifestation takes root in this world. It is a world of vibrations and that is all. Learn to play upon those strings and you will accomplish all the desires of your heart.

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