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Leather-bound, Special Edition

Excalibur is a Magick text which offers a full explanation of The Book of the LawThe Book of Revelation, and an exposition on the new Magick Formula of the New Earth. This work is a concentrated, focused, and intellectual examination of the Universe, which inexorably proves the “spiritual” nature of life, as it expounds the immortal statement of the Aeon: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”
The book includes:
 -An Exhaustive Qabalah Key and explanation of Number Theory
-A verse by verse analysis of The Book of the Law.
-A full explanation on the History and Development of Human Consciousness, Mythology, and Culture
-Chapter by Chapter explanation of The Book of Revelation, including the origin  of Jehovah and a psychological analysis of St. John, the Revelator.
-And a full explanation of the Magick Formulas of the New Aeon, which will give birth to the New Earth.
But most importantly, this book is a true master key, the sacred sword pulled from the white stone, that unlocks the myriad doors of mystery within the reader’s own being, that they may realize and accomplish their own destiny and Great Work.
This book is not intended to be interpreted nor viewed within the dogmatic, orthodox context, canon, nor limiting conceptions of the O.T.O., who so claim to be ThelemaThelema is a magick formula, available to all beings. And as Crowley said himself, the O.T.O. was simply the first organization to interpret the law. Thus the apparent “fundamental flaws” perceived by strict adherents to the O.T.O. religion are, in truth, chief indicators of Excalibur‘s strength and value, in that through its publication (and mere existence), it behaves as a “93 Thesis nailed to the door of the Gnostic Catholic Church,” thus liberating Liber AL from the grasps of these hidden, hooded priests and into the hands of the people of the New Aeon, where it belongs.
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