Why the Temple

The Temple of the Archinox is a temple for people of all faiths, all beliefs, all religions, all races, all nationalities and all spiritual paths. The Temple works as a consciousness accelerator by absolving the inherent paradoxes of religion (the source of all spiritual tension and discord) into a single and unified point of expression. The Temple stands for the Self-evident truth that all men, all women, all children, and all sentient beings are not only created equal, but are perfect expressions of the Divine.

1. What is our goal?

-Our goal is the acceleration of consciousness in order to bring man across the “human bridge,” as described by Nietzsche, into our next evolutionary manifestation as the Ubermensch or “next man” if you prefer: a human being and society based upon the following virtues:

I. Musical in Essence

II. Eloquent in Speech

III. Commanding in Energy

IV. Total in Transparency

V. Continually Expanding in Consciousness

VI. Deliberate in Action

VII. Uses All as Means

VIII. Exact in Praise

IX. Immune to Flattery

X. Insignificant in Scale

XI. Vast in Depth

XII. Vibrant in Emotion

XIII. Devoid of Meaning

XIV. Creates only Harmony

XV. Lethal in Defense

XVI. Strengthened through Ordeal

XVII. Mastery through Spirit

XVIII. Coagula- Receives All Impressions

XIX. Solve- Concentrates All Impressions into the One Thought

XX. Screams only “Freedom”

XXI. Yields no Quarter

XXII. Beyond Words, Conceptions, Forms and Time

These are the virtues of the New Aeon. They sublimate the virtues of the past and move us closer towards the global unification necessary for the continuation of the human race upon planet Earth.

2. What has already been done in this area?

-The only historical example of this would be the Egyptian Mystery School systems during the Egyptian Dynasties. There candidates would be developed for 28 years through a series of trainings as they earned their initiation into the highest spiritual mysteries their society possessed. The proof of their success is in the “pudding” so to speak. No other Earth society has ever achieved anything near the scale of their achievements at any point in history. These schools were mirrored in the Pythagorean School to some degree, but the Greeks failed to reach the same heights and their results were imitative rather than innovative.

The Temple of the Archinox is revolutionary in this regard. Nothing has ever been achieved nor attempted on this scale before, which is why it marks the transition point in our history into the highest expression of society to ever grace the Earth. Although the scale of the construction and vision are expansive, it is no where near impossible. We aren’t reaching to achieve anything beyond the means of constructing an NFL football stadium.

The education system within the Temple will supplant the current standards of education and raise them to the stars. This system is leagues beyond a college, graduate or even PhD education. The baseline standard of academic education will be more in line with the Victorian notions of a “Classical” education. A consilient base of advanced mathematics, science, comparative literature, classical languages (Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Sanskrit), classical art education, computer science and technology, History, Philosophy, etc. will be required from each student. This means a mastery level of competence in each of these areas. At this point in contemporary time this may seem extreme. But once this system is normalized, you’ll be surprised by how adaptive the human mind truly is. And what’s more, it will give ample room to the best and brightest of us all to thrive, leading to the exact innovations and new ideas we will need to carry us through this societal transition.

And this is only the beginning. In addition to their “classical” base, each of these students of the “New Earth” will be instructed upon the spiritual path of their choosing. This is where the “real” education will take place. Whether through Bible study, Qabalah, Zazen, Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Kalachakra Tantra, Martial Arts, Shamanism, or Magick, the educational background will be honed and focussed through additional disciplines (as many or few as one desires and/or can handle). There will be no cultural limitations… nationality, race, religion, creed, age, income level, etc. will be disregarded completely in regards to the access of the Temple’s resources.

Vast vegetable and fruit gardens will be grown throughout the Temple grounds. Lodging will be available in the monasteries in each of the Temple’s six sections. The requirements for stay will be simple: each individual must donate four hours of work each day to upkeep the grounds. The rest of their time is theirs to use as they will: whether that be in utilizing the education opportunities, honing their spiritual practice, in meditation, prayer, or in social interaction and engagement. Thus each individual must choose in to the level of devotion and development they wish to achieve within these sacred grounds.

Environmentally, it is absolutely vital that the Temple operates at a Zero Carbon Footprint. The disposal of wastes will be a chief concern. This needs to be carefully planned out. All human wastes must be repurposed and utilized as compost, which means a high-tech treatment plant must be built outside the Temple grounds in order to dispose of dangerous viruses and bacteria. The limited power necessary throughout the Temple will be derived from renewable energy sources (solar panels, etc.). All food served will be live foods only and wastes will be utilized as composts. No plastics, paper, styrofoam or containers of any kind will be allowed on the grounds. There will be no tourist shops or markets. No vehicles of any kind will be allowed. All visitors must make the pilgrimage in by foot to reach the Temple. Bee hives will be cultivated and their wax appropriated for candle making. All materials and decorations will be constructed by hand, within the Temple. Being based in the Oregon forests, an abundance of water is available from the sky. It must be lobbied that rain water may be collected and treated for consumption and directed towards the Temple’s gardens.

The only areas of the Temple demanding electricity use will be the Academy, Library and Laboratories. Falling under the jurisdiction of the Math and Science section of the Temple, the power generated by their complex must be in surplus to that consumed by experimentation.

3. Who is the Temple for?

-The Temple of the Archinox is for everyone and that includes you, your children, your grand-children and their children. For the first time in several millennium, an alternative way of life, focused upon spiritual exploration and devotion as opposed to rampant materialism and consumerism, will be open and available to you and your posterity. The right to a free life, once limited to Brahmans, royalty, and the elite, will be available to anyone who so chooses. The fact is this life is available now. But the entire superstructure of our society’s ideas, concepts, words, education, and even city-planning restricts this type of life and re-enforces, through fear, that to live a truly free life is dangerous, renegade, and even illegal.

At the Temple of the Archinox, it will not matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, you will have the ability to move with freedom and at will upon its sacred ground, expressing the true desire of your heart and soul. If you wish to leave, you may leave. If you wish to stay, you may stay.

4. What are the expected results?

-The expected results of the Temple of the Archinox is the accelerated development of human consciousness. Developments and quantum leaps in the progression of consciousness occur through the accumulation of experience matched with the proper tools. Millions of years ago, primates began to utilize sticks, stones, twigs, and bones as tools and weapons, which changed their diet, their habitation, and their collective way of life. This in turn changed the entire face of their environment. With weapons in hand, they could now protect themselves against larger predators. They utilized their relationship with canines, providing them food, and gained a symbiotic relationship with another species that increased their alertness and awareness of incoming threats. Throughout history, you can observe massive and revolutionary changes in thoughts, words, actions, rites, religions, story telling, etc. in conjunction with the discoveries of various tools (i.e. agriculture, alcohol, war enginery, gun powder, the scientific revolution, the steam engine, television, radio, communication and internet). Right now we are undergoing one of these major changes as products of the information age. Never before this time was a symbiosis of human wisdom possible such as the Temple offers.

In understanding the development of consciousness, it is important to illustrate the effects we experience in the accumulation of experiences. When you are born, you receive a set of 46 chromosomes (23 from your mother and 23 from your father (which dispersion is a matter of debate in the scientific community) which are encoded with ancestral experiences and reactions to stimuli (Gene Coding). One of the great examples of this is the human reaction of fear towards snakes and critters that scurry and slither. This fear reaction is auto-programmed into your DNA after thousands of years of experienced danger with serpents, spiders, and certain insects. When you see a slithering motion out of the corner of your eye, the light photons from that motion enter directly into your brain as electricity and enter a specific neural pathway that attempts to identify the motion through comparison to this stimuli to the literally trillions of recorded stimuli in your cells. When the brain determines that slithering motion to be a snake, fear is an automatic response to this stimuli.

Whether you know it or not, the majority of your behaviors and reactions are similar in manner, though not so defined as “serpent fear.” Say you are caught in a rainstorm. Without knowing this at all, your brain is not only probing all the previous experiences that you’ve had of rainstorms but your ancestral line as well. It explores the neural pathways and patterns experienced by your grandmother as she huddled over afraid in the corner of her room as a young girl, and also that of your great-great-great-grandfather using the storm as cover for victory in an ancient battle. The brain then selects the behavior it finds to be the most efficient solution to the current stimuli and then you act. As much as you’d like to claim you make conscious decisions yourself in these moments of sudden or extreme “perceived” threats, the reality is that your animal instincts auto-behave in these scenarios. This can be attested to by anyone who’s experienced extreme danger in their life.

Now when you are moving outside of your comfort zone or find yourself in a new situation with new stimuli, the brain is faced with a new challenge. It is here that your consciousness has the opportunity to change by making a new choice which will result in the creation of new neural pathways in your brain and thus change your DNA. And in this comes one of the extreme benefits of the Temple of the Archinox’s design. (See Fig. 1.1)

Figure 1.1

While in “real-life,” the opportunity to expand beyond your understanding and comfort zone isn’t always readily available, in the Temple of the Archinox that opportunity is just one section over. The six sections of the Temple of the Archinox are: A) The Children of the Covenant (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), B) The Silence of the Buddha (Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Advaita Vedanta, etc.), C) The Apotheosis of Psyche (The Path of the Lovers), D) The Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Egyptian Magick, Thelema, and the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom), E) The O!O Academy of Magick Arts and Sciences (Mathematics, Science, Academia meets Magick education), and F) Earth Medicine and Magick (Indigenous Spirituality, Shamanism, etc.). Each of these sections are strategically positioned in a way that a completely new set of beliefs, ideas and world views are always adjacent to the section you are in. Directly opposite your position in the Temple, is located the opposite polarity of your current wisdom path.

For example, suppose you are a devout Christian and come to the Temple in order to worship and experience the Temple in the manner you are accustomed to, and therefore choose to enter into the Children of the Covenant at section A. Within this section, you will meet with the familiar patterns and challenges associated with your current set of beliefs. If you so desired to experience wisdom and experiences outside of your current “norm,” you could cross into sections B and F. Both section B. The Silence of the Buddha and section F. Earth Medicine and Magick, are not necessarily antagonistic sections to your beliefs, but they will definitely appear paradoxical. Directly across from your section, in section D., is the Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. On first appearance, this section is antagonistic to your beliefs. Their beliefs, laws and way of life are in direct contrast to your own. But in actuality, these two sections are merely the positive and negative ends (as in electricity) of the same pole. In fact, they could not exist without the other and are, in actuality, one and the same. Just as the school and its academic and intellectual basis appears to contradict the anti-intellectualism of Zen Buddhism, while in fact, if it wasn’t for the influence of Buddhist monks upon the Greeks during Alexander’s conquests, Pyrrhonian skepticism wouldn’t have been birthed, which eventually led to the scientific revolution.

Therefore, as a devotee moves from one section to another to another, they will constantly be meeting and integrating new stimuli and experiences into their neural pathways, thus evolving and integrating not only their own “person,” but in addition, their actual DNA lineage from that point forward. And with the ability to move and experience new ideas, experiences and stimuli at will, without borders and boundaries, this evolution can take place at the exact speed they wish to pursue it.

An analogy that serves this illustration is the enhanced ability of an individual to learn a language by immersion as opposed to in a book or in a classroom. The seeker will be surrounded by like-minded, spiritually driven individuals, which will amplify the effects of the Temple through each interaction.

But mere conscious development is not the be all, end all purpose of the Temple. The true and most valuable contribution of the Temple to the individual will be the realization that all ideas, all paths, all interactions, all experiences lead to and originate from the same source — that the miscommunications and conflicts that have plagued mankind for ages, were only that: misunderstandings. In this way, the Temple of the Archinox is the antidote to the plagues beginning with the Tower of Babel. It is a restoration of all beings to one human family, singing in a single tongue, praises to the Divine ALL.

5. Why is the Temple of the Archinox important now?

-The Temple of the Archinox is of dire importance at this point in history. According to the NASA study “Human and Nature Dynamics: Modeling Inequality and Use of Resources in the Collapse or Sustainability of Societies” due to the present carrying capacity of the Earth and the dispersion of resources due to income disparity, societal collapse is not only possible, it is inevitable. In fact, the study claims that not only are we beyond the point of no return, but the only question at this point is whether we experience a Type-N (total) or Type-L (Loss of Labor) collapse. A Type-N collapse means total devastation for nearly all the population of Earth, including passage through what is termed the “extinction bottleneck” in which an estimated 12% of the Earth’s population will survive and remain. The only way to avoid societal collapse would have been to abolish income inequality and disperse resources equally back in the 1980’s. In the end, they give us about 20-80 years until we experience this cataclysmic event. The scary part in all of this: this study excludes the problems with the environment entirely. This is only based on economics.

Needless to say, our current system is not working. A major re-evaluation of values must take place and must take place now. While the mass media and government attempt to lull us to sleep with a ramped up focus on consumerism and a hard-sell on “Netflix and Chill,” those of us who wish to provide a future for our children and grand-children have to take action immediately.

So how will building a Temple solve this problem?

The Temple of the Archinox will be raised as an example, shining as a lighthouse through the storm, as the first major step towards the true future. It will gather the sentient beings that wish to live in actual equilibrium with their environment, those who denounce the tenants of materialism that have brought us to this point, and desire to return their focus to the Divine spark within, recognizing that this life is a spiritual experience and nothing else. Here we will realize, as our forefathers, the exhaustless riches and abundance the Earth provides us on a daily basis. We will no longer need property to define ourselves. We will be defined by our spirit. And we will re-learn what has been proven by mathematics time and again, co-operation outperforms competition any day.

  1. How will the Temple be Built?

The construction of the Temple of the Archinox will be divided into several phases: 1) Research and Design (current), 2) Construction, 3) Pre-operation Phase, and 4) Grand Opening and Maintenance.

Phase I- Research and Development

Research and Design is nearly complete. The preliminary schematics are finished for the overall layout of the entire Temple complex. The only designs and schematics remaining are detail work, concept art, and custom designs for the various statues, doors, sigils, hieroglyphs, keys, etc. throughout the Temple. This will be completed for every detail of the Temple. This includes 22 Tarot doorways for the Tarot passage, with each of these doorways inscribed with custom hieroglyphic passageways based upon the lost esoteric designs, fully restored for the Temple, the 12 gates of the Time Wheel, which will be designed to reflect their Zodiacal attributions. Then guarding each of these gates will be an original marble statue, representing the Council of Olympus, with completed and updated symbolism for the New Earth. The individual temples within the six sections will be detailed, floor to ceiling, with rich and ornate designs. There will be two obelisks, one white and one black, that rise from the outer sections topped one with a golden statue of Dionysus and the other with Apollo.

Once the original schematics and concept art is completed, we will recruit an ecological architect to convert our conceptualizations into actual blueprints. The entire Temple must be built without compromising the environment around it in any way. All natural topography will be utilized and incorporated and not “imposed.” All resources used must be natural and sustainable. Concrete will not be used in the Temple’s construction or upon its grounds. During this phase, all of the technical challenges for the construction will find solutions. Expert knowledge is greatly needed here!

At this point, we need to finalize a location and purchase the land for the Temple complex. Once we’ve locked in our geography, we will construct a miniature of the complex at 1/5,000th scale. This will allow us to finalize our layouts and address all composition, logistical and technical concerns. Once these concerns are addressed and solved, we can finalize our budget for the project.

When it comes to budget, it’s important to keep in mind that we are building this complex to last centuries- the Great Pyramid of Giza being our standard! We will build this Temple to outlast torrential rains, blizzards, fires and flooding. Not only must the central pyramid maintain these standards, but the entire complex as a whole including the 20+ sub-temples, monasteries, university, library, water treatment plant, etc. We will spare no expense in insuring the quality, aesthetic and beauty of this complex to be unlike anything the Earth has ever known.

It is important to note that this Temple is not being built for a return-on-investment, it is being built for the “return of a future.” Our mentality and conceptions of our global economy must shift. We must reallocate the exhaustless riches of this Earth away from individuals and back to the collective, back to the spirit and back to God. This is of absolute necessity. And it is guaranteed in the next few years that you will witness the will of the Universe in this.

Before construction, it is also necessary to determine the maintenance costs for the Temple. Our water, waste disposal, food supply and habitations must be implemented to hold the capacity of individuals we will attract. In this, there will be no lack of labor. Every individual at the Temple must contribute of their time to its upkeep and sustainability. But we must prepare for varying scenarios of growth and expansion.

Phase II- Construction

Once the Temple’s construction budget is secured, Phase II will be implemented. Now it’s important to note that the entire Temple of the Archinox is the manifestation of a spiritual unveiling. It’s been revealed piece by piece, and step by step, and will continue to be so. This proposal is a demonstration that the Temple is not only a beautiful possibility, but that its creation is realistic and obtainable.

The central pyramid of the Temple of the Archinox is 440 cubits across (755.9 ft.) at its base (equal to the Great Pyramid of Giza), and is surrounded by the Wall of Time. The best comparison to the layout of the Temple of the Archinox would be the Mahabodhi Tree Temple complex in Bodhgaya, India. The main temple complex in Bodhgaya is approximately 800 x 400 ft. in size with the adjacent Jaiprakash park, which is approximately 300′ x 800′ ft. Surrounding the main temple, a series of additional temples and monasteries, built by the individual nations of Buddhist tradition, surround the main temple for about a square mile. The Temple of the Archinox will require a similar amount of land– between 1-2 square miles. Approximate size and locations of all the sub-temples in the Temple of the Archinox are illustrated in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2 The Temple of the Archinox Overview with sub-temples.

As far as actual construction for the individual temples, our strategy will be to go straight to the source. We’ll hire Tibetan temple architects to build the Kalachakra Temple and Islamic architects to build the Mosque, etc. 100% authenticity in all designs is absolutely necessary.

Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park is currently under construction for an estimated budget of $4.98 billion dollars. This entertainment complex is 3 ½ times the size of Disneyland and twice the size of Vatican City. It covers 298 acres of land with shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and parks. This stadium went under construction in 2016 and will be completed by 2020. The reason I draw attention to this construction is manyfold: 1) With the correct backing, resources and support, the Temple of the Archinox could be completed and operational in 4-5 years. The technological demands of building a NFL football stadium built to accommodate over 100,000 people in lavish comfort far surpasses the construction demands of the pyramid and the system of temples in the complex. 2) Although more land is required for the Temple grounds, much of this land will be utilized for agriculture and sustainability and doesn’t require full commercial development on this scale. 3) Obviously, the NFL stadium is being built with a massive return-on-investment in mind. But think of the allocation of our Earth’s resources taking place here in the name of entertainment. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some recreation. But the Temple of the Archinox is not being built for this purpose. The Temple is an investment into the future of our planet, the future of our children and grand-children, and the future of our spiritual development as a species. It’s an investment into the future of education, into global unification, and existential fulfillment of our deepest nature. And this is directly the point in building such a sacred site. It is a symbolic act recognizing the realignment of our priorities, our resources, our time and our spirit in resonance with the New Earth and the spirit of this new Aeon.

How fast and how easily it is accomplished is up to us.

Phase III- Pre-operation Phase

This phase will be of utmost importance in ensuring the future of the Temple and its effect upon the world. Many of the efforts of Phase III will coincide with Phase II. It is the establishment of the community, infrastructure, schedules, resource delegation, curriculum and operations of the Temple. It is during this phase we must attract those beings who will lead and guide the beings who visit these sacred grounds. Professors, Zen masters, Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Lamas, Shamans and Magicians must be recruited from around the world to hold the vibrational light of the Temple.

Rites, rituals, celebrations, feasts and schedules will be established. Each being must press forward through the ordeals, natural challenges and obstacles the Temple will present, in order to root their being into the sacred ground. Agricultural yields must meet the current and future demands of the visitors. Water systems and waste disposal must operate to perfection. The gardens must be cultivated and allowed to bloom. The spiritual atmosphere must be established.

Each being within must find their equilibrium within this new environment. All temple leaders must come to unification with each other, regardless of their chosen wisdom path or beliefs. All must recognize that all impressions, all expressions, every thing, thought, vibration, word and experience is sourced in the ALL.

Phase IV- Grand Opening and Maintenance

The time will come when the Temple opens its gates to the world. As the new great spiritual center of the Earth, located in the heart of a tourist hot-spot, we must be prepared for the huge influx of daily visitors. Managing wastes and maintaining the Temple’s atmosphere will be of the utmost importance. Within the Temple, no retail sales will commence. Plastics, electronics, foodstuffs, etc. will all be strictly prohibited. Only live foods will be served and upon washable dishes. The Temple is not Disneyland. It is a place of true spiritual development and true experience available to those willing to move beyond the trappings of their societal conditioning. All visitors must leave their belongings outside of the grounds. In addition, they must journey into the grounds on foot (accommodations will be made for the physically disabled).

For those who wish to remain at the Temple, they will be allowed to bring several changes of clothing, books and journals, and other such amenities of imperative need. Eventually, the monasteries will reach capacity and stay lengths will become limited. At this point, those of seniority within the temple, dependent upon their current position and duties, will be encouraged to depart back into the world. The Temple of the Archinox is and will always be a starting point and not the final solution. The world must rise to its vibration and this can only happen when those who have received of its light take that light beyond its borders and to the rest of the world. This is the true test of mastery and the success of the Temple.

  1. Who will be doing what?

-As of right now, I am the one of two full-time devotee to the Temple. I will remain with the Temple for the rest of my life. It is my life’s work and purpose. In this role, I accept the title of Hierophant of the Temple. I am responsible for all aspects of the Temple, top to bottom, until those beings destined to oversee them have been recruited and I may delegate responsibilities to them. Recruitment is one of the major undertakings of Phase I, which is underway now.

  1. How much will it cost?

-The rough estimated total cost of the Temple of the Archinox is $3,371,500.00. This includes the construction of more than 15 temples, the campus, water treatment plant, agricultural infrastructure, six monasteries and state of the art laboratories. This is comparable to the budget of many other sacred sites. Algeria is currently building a $1.8 billion dollar Mosque. The still unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Spain has cost over a billion Euros to date. There are thousands of examples ranging from Cathedrals to Buddhist temples in which hundreds of millions have been spent. Each of these sites support a single religion and in many cases a single sect without the revolutionary sustainability, while the Temple of the Archinox invites the unification of all faiths, nations, peoples and creeds, with a combined budget slightly over that of a single major religious construction. 

A small investment for the Palingenesis and Empyrean of the GAIA LADRIEH – the New Earth.


The Temple of the Archinox represents an auspicious and monumental undertaking. The construction of the Temple is a symbolic act – showing that it is the development of the spirit and the soul that is most important in the new Golden Age. All who enter the Temple will do so in the energy of unification, showing that we, as humanity, have chosen to RISE above petty dogmas, national identities, races, religions and creeds – for as we dissolve the barriers within, we dissolve the barriers without. Let this symbolize the dawn of the New Age – where we place our hearts and our spirits above ALL. 


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