Mathematics, Science, and Classical Education

The true goal of modern education must be the total consilience of our current knowledge, mastered to such a degree, that its vast richness and depth may be transmitted in its entirety to a child. Multi-variable Calculus and Quantum Theory must become Elementary Curriculum,  just as our children now absorb the entirety of Pythagoras’ wisdom in Geometry class. Our current models of education are failing us miserably. A classically educated man or woman from the 1800’s could easily put our most educated to shame in regards to mathematics, linguistics, history, literature, composition, etc., etc. Although the modern age has provided us with exquisite tools and a wealth of information available at our finger tips, very few have utilized this precious gift, as it is more commonly used as a tool for inducing hypnotic escapism as opposed to instigating intellectual vigor.

We’ve been coddled to death by our fuzzy blanket “no child left behind” policies, as our most gifted children are discouraged and even prohibited from fully expressing their infinite and even “godlike” gifts. This will no longer be the case. Here at the Temple, a special “School for the Gifted” will be established, where each student will be encouraged (and prodded) to pursue their insatiable intellectual interests at the speed and to the degree in which they are capable. This school will do away with the trappings of academic bureaucracy and tradition. We will attract only those Professors at the “cutting-edge” of their fields. To support our students and professors alike, a system of research grants will be established– that the world’s greatest minds may be fully supported in their experiments and discoveries. These grants will be based upon the strength of innovation and creativity in their proposals’ practical application as opposed to a “standing upon laurels.”

In addition, a new Great Library will be established, as the Alexandrian Library of old, which will house the World’s most important texts. State-of-the-Art laboratories will be available to all. This will be the actualization of Herman Hesse’s utopian Castalia in The Glass Bead Game, an intellectual sanctuary and Mecca for the free minds of the free world.

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